Y-Foundation buys 760 rental homes from SATO

Y-Housing, a company owned by Y-Foundation, has bought today 760 state-subsidised (ARA) rental apartments from SATO.  The apartments are mainly located in Helsinki metropolitan area, Jyväskylä, the Lahti region, Kerava and Hyvinkää.

Y-Foundation owns now 7 700 apartments around Finland.

” Y-Foundation’s strategic target in is to increase the supply of affordable rental apartments. We will achieve this by constructing new housing and by buying apartments from other companies and organizations. This transaction with SATO is one step towards our goal”, says Juha Kaakinen, Y-Foundation’s CEO.

Change in the ownership doesn’t have an effect on the actual resident’s rental contracts or rents.

” We will guarantee affordable rent level and high quality housing services for all tenants in the future too”, says Kaakinen.

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