Homes for the homeless

Homes for the homeless

The Y-Foundation is one of the key national developers of the Housing First principle in Finland. The Y-Foundation offers affordable rental housing and encourages public discussion on themes related to homelessness.

We have over 16 650 apartments and operate in over 50 cities and municipalities in Finland. We are the fourth largest landlord in Finland.

Our mission is to enhance social justice. We do this by developing social housing to the largest Finnish cities lacking affordable housing. The Y-Foundation also acquires rental dwellings by purchasing individual apartments from housing companies on the free market.

We also provide research and information on themes related to homelessness.

These means are our ways of reducing homelessness.


Home for all

Homelessness or its threat can face anyone. New city, unemployment, substance abuse, lost credit rating or a change in the family situation can affect the living situation.

Around 7 100 people are homeless in Finland at the moment (ARA 2018). In the European scale homelessness is not a major is issue in Finland, but this face does not reduce the seriousness of the situation. Homelessness numbers go up everytime a social or financial crisis occurs.

A home for all is the basis of our work. We are actively involved as a national developer of the Housing First principle, which is gaining ground all over the world.

In our work we try to support our residents social and financial well-being. We also provide new solutions and knowledge on housing.

European work

We are one of the members of the European FEANTSA Federation (The European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless).

In addition to us, the other FEANTSA members from Finland are Helsingin Diakonissalaitos, Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry, Asukasliitto and Nuorisoasuntoliitto.

We are also the establisher of The Housing First Europe HUB together with FEANTSA. The HUB’s activities focus on training, research and practice.

Residents' testimonials

Our residents are happy with the peaceful surroundings an own home provides them.

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Housing First in Finland

Finland is the only country in Europe where the number of homeless people is on the decline.

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A handbook answers the questions we have received from professionals and policy-makers.

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