Homes for the homeless

Homes for the homeless

The Y-Foundation is one of the key national developers of the Housing First principle in Finland. The Y-Foundation offers affordable rental housing.

We have over 17 300 apartments and operate in over 50 cities and municipalities in Finland. We are the fourth largest landlord in Finland.

The Y-Foundation offers rental homes for people experiencing homelessness and those who are under a threat of becoming homeless. Cities, municipalities and their property companies sublet our apartments to their residents in need of an own home.

Developer of new homes

Our mission is to enhance social justice. We do this by developing social housing to the largest Finnish cities lacking affordable housing. Our building projects are based on local needs.

We build housing units where support services are easy to arrange. We also develop and build state-subsidised rental homes under M2-Kodit. The Y-Foundation also acquires rental dwellings by purchasing individual apartments from housing companies on the free market.

The work we do relies heavily on our solid expertise on issues relating to homelessness and the Housing First principle. Our wide knowledge is based on a strong co-operation with municipalities and NGO’s. We also do research on homelessness.

The founding members of the Y-Foundation

Home for all

Homelessness or its threat can face anyone. New city, unemployment, substance abuse, lost credit rating or a change in the family situation can affect the living situation.

Around 5 500 people are homeless in Finland at the moment (ARA 2019).

In the European scale homelessness is not a major is issue in Finland, but this does not reduce the seriousness of the situation. Homelessness numbers go up everytime a social or financial crisis occurs.

A home for all is the basis of our work. We are actively involved as a national developer of the Housing First principle, which is gaining ground all over the world.

In our work we try to support our residents social and financial well-being. We also provide new solutions and knowledge on housing, like employment activities.

The purpose of our employment activities is to provide employment to our tenants and increase their employment opportunities.



History of the Y-Foundation

The Y-Foundation was founded in December 1985 as a response to a serious housing shortage.

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European co-operation

We are the establisher of the Housing First Europe HUB together with FEANTSA.

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Housing First in Finland

Finland is the only country in Europe where the number of homeless people is on the decline.

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