Myllytie 14 in Järvenpää is the first property with a chance of achieving the full five stars in Rakennustieto’s environmental rating

  • 4.1.2024
  • News

Myllytie 14 project in Järvenpää has reached a significant milestone, being the first in Finland to achieve a full five-star score from the design and construction phase. This is a significant step towards a more sustainable and greener built environment in the future. The project is backed by the developer, the rental housing group Y-Säätiö, and COfLOW, a construction innovator.

The Building Information Environmental Classification is used to derive and assess the environmental impact of buildings in Finland. It’s criteria cover energy efficiency, durability of materials, moisture management, indoor air quality and water consumption. A score of five stars in the design and construction phase is a strong sign of the commitment of the project partners to the principles of sustainable development.

A 5-star rating requires verification of the energy efficiency and indoor climate quality targets planned during the design and construction phase by an external auditor one or two years after the building is occupied. The final rating for Järvenpää Myllytie 14 will be achieved in 2025. Both COfLOW and Y-Säätiö are committed to ensuring that the project will maintain its five-star rating also during the operational phase.

House for art professionals

Myllytie 14 in Järvenpää is Y-Säätiö’s M2-Kodit apartment building, completed in autumn 2023 in the Pöytäalho area. The building has 50 rental apartments of various sizes and is designed to serve art professionals. On the top floor of the building are four studio apartments with room heights of up to five meters, allowing for a spacious loft solution. In addition, the building’s residents can reserve a club room as a short-term workspace for art-making. M2-Kodit is part of the Y-Säätiö Group and offers ARA-funded rental apartments. There are income limits for the choice of tenants in these apartments. In Järvenpää Myllytie 14, thirty apartments are reserved for M2-Kodit residents and twenty for artists.

Towards more sustainable and greener housing

The project is also a pioneer in the field of flowing concrete construction, which allows for an exceptionally efficient construction process. The ASSI© housing alliance model developed by COfLOW, together with the concept of flowing concrete construction, significantly reduces the lead time of the construction process.

The Järvenpää Artists’ House will make use of geothermal energy and solar panels, among other things. This will ensure energy-efficient living, which is part of Y-Säätiö’s objective in all its new projects.

Järvenpää’s Myllytie property not only sets a new standard for environmentally conscious construction in Finland, but is also a significant step towards a more sustainable and greener built environment in the future. COfLOW Oy’s collaboration with Y-Säätiö on this project demonstrates how a commitment to sustainability can lead to a high-quality and affordable outcome in the construction industry.