Applying for an apartment

Y-Säätiö owns and rents affordable ARA-funded housing. Y-Säätiö is the fourth largest landlord in Finland. The group owns more than 18 500 apartments in almost 60 locations in Finland.

How to apply for an apartment

Y-Homes are especially designed for people who find it difficult to get a home of their own. These are in particular people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

As a rule, Y-Homes are studio flats or small one-room flats. Most of the flats are rented to municipalities or other partners. Y-Homes are mainly applied for directly from our partners.

Y-Säätiö also has Y-Homes in the Helsinki region, which we rent ourselves.

Housing application to Y-Home


Y-Säätiö has rental apartments in the capital region, which we rent ourselves. The majority of Y-Homes are rented through our partners.

You can also apply for a rental home from M2-Kodit, a company owned by Y-Säätiö that focuses on affordable ARA rental housing. M2-Kodit owns more than 11 000 apartments in almost 30 locations in Finland.

All M2-Kodit apartments are ARA-funded, i.e. rental apartments built with state support. We follow ARA’s guidelines for tenant selection. The apartments are rented on the basis of need, which is determined by the urgency of the applicant’s housing needs and life situation.

Housing application for M2-Kodit


M2-Kodit has more than 11 000 rental apartments in different parts of Finland. They are ordinary rental apartments, homes for all of us.