Uuras employment programme

The aim of our Uuras employment action is to employ residents and increase employment opportunities.

At Y-Säätiö, we want our residents to be well. That’s why we have the Uuras programme. We offer work to our residents through two different services: jobs in our partner companies throughout Finland and temporary work in the Uusimaa region.

Our partner companies offer jobs all over Finland

Thanks to the Uuras programme, your job application will not be lost in the masses, but you will probably get a fast-track to an interview with a partner company.

When you submit your application via the application links below, the employer company will call you within a week. You must be of legal age and willing to work several shifts a week.

Work on the road is one part of the Uuras programme

In Uusimaa, Uuras offers jobs in Y-Säätiö’s own property maintenance department as handymen, repair, renovation, transport and moving assistance, among other things. The job offers the opportunity to gain additional work experience and to gain additional motivation.

It’s easy to accept the gigs we offer through the Treamer app. We are always looking for people from different fields to join us. Uuras will meet you at the job site and introduce you to the tasks.

We follow the collective agreement for the real estate services sector and your salary is paid promptly. If you wish, you can have your salary paid directly into your rent payment account.

Contact us by email uuras@ysaatio.fi or directly to the persons listed below.

Jemina Karppanen

  • Employment Coordinator
  • jemina.karppanen@ysaatio.fi
  • tel. + 358 20 7020 346

Tomas Matilainen

  • Job Organiser
  • tomas.matilainen@ysaatio.fi
  • tel. +358 20 7020 391

Ina Laine

  • Employment Coordinator
  • ina.laine@ysaatio.fi
  • tel. +358 20 7020 216

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