About us

We rent affordable homes and eliminate homelessness. We are a publicly beneficial and politically non-committed actor.

We do not dictate what kind of life each person has to live. Everyone builds their own life. Our job is to make sure that everyone has a safe home as a base for their life. One that allows for a good life.

A home is not a measure of success or a reward for making the right choices. A home is not a privilege, it is a human right. We are courageously on the side of the individual.
Home for all.

Our vision

We are a pioneer in eliminating homelessness, promoting the well-being and sustainable lifestyle of our residents.

Our mission

A home for all.

Our value


We are bravely on the side of people even when others are not. We show direction, make decisions and implement our plans without prejudice.


We do what we promise. Our residents can count on housing affordability, continuity and safety.

Decent housing

The starting point of our work is indivisible human dignity. We treat residents equally. We offer affordable rental apartments. The starting point of all our work is the Housing First principle.

Our key figures

We are the fourth largest landlord in Finland.

18 972 Apartment for rent

57 Locally

26 430 Residents in our apartments

192 Employees at Y-Säätiö

Our service promise

We treat everyone equally.

We listen to our residents.

We make everyday life easier.

We provide functional and safe homes.

Lets keep in touch

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