The Finnish Y-Foundation offers rental accommodation for people who are having difficulties in finding a home for themselves. The Y-Foundation has over 16 000 apartments and operate in over 50 cities and municipalities.

Apartments are acquired through the purchase of individual homes in housing companies and by developing apartment blocks for rental purposes all over Finland. The capital region as well as other major cities and areas of growth are particular areas of focus when it comes to procuring accommodation.

The subletting of individual apartments is at the core of the foundation’s activities, and the majority of apartments are sublet to municipalities, parishes or to other partners in cooperation. In addition to subletting, the Y-Foundation also owns apartments, mostly in the capital region, which it rents out directly to applicants. Residents are selected based on the applicant’s need for housing and the applicants for those apartments come mainly through our partners in cooperation.

In addition to purchasing individual apartments, the Y-Foundation also develops apartment blocks. Construction takes place based on local needs and wishes. Construction projects have included both regular rental accommodation as well as units for special groups allowing for support services.

The foundation is actively involved as a national developer of the Housing First principle, which is fast gaining ground especially in Europe.

The Y-Foundation coordinates Finnish organisations in the European umbrella organisation FEANTSA (the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless), which acts on behalf of homeless people throughout Europe. In addition to the Y-Foundation, other Finnish members of the organisation include the Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry (No Fixed Abode NGO), The Association of Tenants and Homeowners in Finland, and Nuorisoasuntoliitto (FYHA).

Why do we need the Y-Foundation?

The Y-Foundation aims to exert influence to make sure that no-one in Finland needs to be homeless. Each of us has the right to our own home and privacy.

We help by offering affordable rental accommodation and by encouraging public discussion on themes related to homelessness. The Y-Foundation wishes that decision-makers would gain more understanding of how homelessness can be reduced and why it’s imperative to do so.

We are an independent and neutral body founded by a diverse group of organisations which are significant from a wellbeing perspective: the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku and Tampere, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (then known as Suomen Kaupunkiliitto), the Church Council, The Finnish Red Cross, the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries, The Finnish Construction Trade Union, Alko and The Finnish Association for Mental Health.

There is a need for the Y-Foundation as it voices things which would otherwise be kept quiet. Our activities are based on in-depth expertise which we have gained through carrying out a diverse range of cooperation with municipalities, organisations and parishes.