Nordic Homelessness Alliance

Nordic Homelessness Alliance brings together key actors in homelessness work from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The network aims to deepen cooperation between the Nordic countries with the aim of eradicating homelessness in the Nordic Region.

Nordic Homelessness Alliance brings together key actors in the Nordic Countries. The ultimate aim for the alliance is to eradicate homelessness in Nordic countries and create a globally leading model for ending homelessness. 

Working groups

The Nordic Homelessness Alliance has three working groups focusing on different issues.

The primary focus of this working group is to establish a unified voice for the Nordic countries, collectively influencing entities such as the EU, OECD, UN, and the European Platform on Combating Homelessness. Research plays a pivotal role in substantiating our advocacy efforts. The group emphasizes joint Nordic research initiatives and collaborates on funding applications. Staying current with up-to-date information on homelessness issues is crucial, and we are actively working towards standardized data collection methods and sharing effective practices.

Progress has been made in homelessness initiatives across all Northern countries. Now, the emphasis is on sharing best practices, services, and experiences with one another. Our training approach is tailored to specific needs identified by each country, ensuring a targeted and effective strategy for capacity building.

The perception of housing in homelessness work is often narrowly defined. This group aims to broaden the perspective by facilitating discussions on what housing and various housing options entail from the diverse viewpoints of different countries. The goal is to explore innovative approaches and determine if there are undiscovered opportunities in the realm of housing solutions.

Training session

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Preventing homelessness – lessons from the Nordic countries 6.5. 9.30 -15.15 CET time

Nordic Homelessness Alliance participants

The Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing, Hjem til Alle, Hjemløsninger, Kirkens Korshæ & the City of Odense

ARA – The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, the City of Helsinki, Housing First Network developers, the Ministry of the Environment, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, North Ostrobothnia wellbeing services county, RETS – Life Without Crime, the City of Tampere, Tampere University & Y-Säätiö

The City of Reykjavik

The City of Bergen, Husbanken, NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS & the City of Oslo

The City of Göteborg, Göteborgs Stadsmission, the City of Lund, Lund University, the City of Malmö. the City of Nyköping, Stockholms Stadsmission & the City of Stockholm

The Nordic Homelessness Alliance is a collaborative network established by Y-Säätiö in 2023. If you are interested in joining or participating in the Alliance, please contact Juha Kahila, Head of International Affairs at Y-Säätiö.

Juha Kahila

  • Head of International Affairs
  • tel. +358 20 7020 372