The mosaic tables for the centenary were completed

  • 26.10.2023
  • News

The mosaic tables for the Ode to the Y, commissioned to celebrate the 35-year history of Y-Säätiö, have been completed. The tables have been installed in the M2-Kotie properties owned by Y-Säätiö in Tampere, Porvoo, Helsinki and Vantaa.

Oodi to Y was commissioned from contemporary artists Tellervo Kalleisel and Oliver Kochta-Kalleisel, known for their participatory works.The artists designed a work consisting of ten granite tables with five different mosaic pieces.

The mosaic patterns on the music table resemble the movement of sound waves.

The tables contain more than 17 000 mosaic pieces, each piece corresponding to one of the rental apartments owned by Y-Säätiö during its 35th anniversary celebrations. The mosaic pieces are made of recycled glass.

For Oodi Y, the artwork is about living, being together and living side by side. The work will take on a new digital dimension next spring when the mobile app that accompanies the piece is completed. The app will allow users to immerse themselves in the different themes and sound recordings related to the world of the work. In the autumn, the artists will make the recordings in a mobile studio that will be set up in the properties involved in the project.

A table called “The Table Box” will be used to document the table box ornaments, photos, stories and other creative expressions of the volunteer residents. The music table will be used to record the sounds produced by residents in various ways. A game table will be used to collect residents’ playful ideas to be implemented around the table. Experiences of successful conflict resolution and negotiation by participants will be recorded on the Negotiation Table. The Ode to the Y table will tell the story of Y-Säätiö, through the mouths of its employees, from the initial idea to the organisation’s journey to becoming a key homelessness actor.

Art as part of the living environment

The work as a whole can be admired in Tampere’s Hervantajärvi, as the five tables that make up the work for Oodi Y are located in the surroundings of the M2-Kodit rental housing complex Lyyranpyrstö 2, completed this year. Janne Kauppinen of the Tampere Art Museum sees public art as valuable for the environment and the residents:

”Tampereen kaupunki panostaa vahvasti julkiseen taiteeseen. Keinoina ovat perinteinen taiteen prosenttiperiaate, kaupunginosakohtaiset taideohjelmat sekä taiteen kytkeminen tontinluovutusehtoihin. Tampereen Vuoreksen kaupunginosassa on tällä hetkellä jo yli sata julkista teosta. Vuoreksen lähellä sijaitseva Hervantajärvi on uusi luonnonläheinen asuinalue, jonne julkista taidetta valmistuu usean teoksen vuosivauhtia.

Hervantajärvelle ei ole laadittu varsinaista taideohjelmaa, mutta kaupungin tontinluovutusehdot edellyttävät, että tontille tulee sijoittaa taidetta. Alueelle valitut taiteilijat hyväksyy kaupungin Laaturyhmä, jossa taiteen asiantuntijana toimii Tampereen taidemuseon julkisen taiteen koordinaattori.

Taiteen sijoittamisella Tampereen kaupungilla on tavoitteena visuaalisesti näyttävän asuinympäristön lisäksi myös vaikuttaa myönteisesti asukasviihtyvyyteen.”

The negotiation table will be used to record residents’ successes in negotiation situations. The table is available to residents in the common areas of Lyyranpyrstö.

The second set of the work is divided between buildings in different cities, and one table can be found in Y-Säätiö’s office in Helsinki.

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