We rent apartments to people who encounter difficulties in trying to find a home for themselves. The Y-Foundation has over 18 000 apartments in Finland.

Y-Kodit for specific target groups

We rent the majority of our dwellings to our partners, organisations and municipalities. They then sublet the apartments out to those who are most in need of housing.

The Y-Foundation rents out only some of the apartments directly to tenants. These apartments are mainly in the Helsinki region. The apartments are called Y-Kodit (Y-Homes).

Y-Kodit are offered primarily to those with a homeless background, or to those who have lost their credit rating, or to those who have otherwise become displaced from the rental housing market.

Some housing is meant only for specific target groups like people under 35 or seniors.

The application process can progress very quickly if a suitable apartment becomes free at the right time. Unfortunately we are unable to promise accommodation to every applicant. There is often far more demand for apartments than there is supply.

Apply for an Y-Koti apartment (in Finnish)

Affordable M2-Kodit offers homes from cities

M2-Kodit, owned by the Y-Foundation, rents out apartments directly to those who are looking for a home and meet the tenant selection criteria. M2-Kodit offers affordable rental homes in Finnish cities and towns.

The tenant selection is based on social relevance and financial need. These are evaluated based on the applicant household’s need for a flat and their assets.

The Finnish Government has confirmed more specific tenant selection criteria, which is used when selecting tenants. The criteria is made by ARA, The Housing Finance and Development Centre in Finland.

Only the amount of real costs of the housing are collected in the leases and no profit is made.

Get to know M2-Kodit apartments and apply (in Finnish)

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