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A Home of Your Own

We have published the handbook A Home of Your Own – Housing First and ending Homelessness in Finland to answer the many questions we have received from professionals and policy-makers over the years.

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How we help

Offering reasonably priced rental apartments

The Y-Foundation offers small rental apartments for those who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. In most cases the apartments are sublet to municipalities or to other co-operation partners.

Purchasing rental apartments

The foundation acquires apartments in various ways, including by buying individual properties on the free market in larger towns and centres of growth.

Constructing rental apartments

In construction, our key point of departure is always local needs and wishes. In its housing projects Y-Foundation builds both normal rental apartments and units for special groups in which support services can be provided.

Increasing awareness of homelessness

The lack of a home of one’s own is a problem for which more knowledge is needed for solutions to eradicate it.