Y-Säätiö’s reputation strengthened in Trust&Maine survey

  • 30.11.2023
  • News

Y-Säätiö has strengthened its reputation and increased the support of its stakeholders, according to a recent T-media Trust&Maine survey.

The overall reputation score measured in the October 2023 survey has risen to its highest level in the four-year history of the survey, reaching 3.39 on a five-point scale (in 2022 the score was 3.31). Y-Säätiö’s reputation has increased in all eight areas of the survey, with particularly noteworthy positive developments in the areas of accountability, leadership and governance.

We implement the corporate social responsibility of Y-Säätiö in line with its public benefit purpose. We invest in raising the profile of our company through research and development, among other things. In challenging times, our ambitious work as an affordable housing developer and landlord and as a homelessness preventer is reflected in the public’s image of and support for Y-Säätiö.

The survey shows a particularly significant increase in stakeholder support, with an overall score of 3.20, up from 2.88 the previous year. The survey highlighted the trustworthiness of Y-Säätiö as an employer in the eyes of job seekers. Among other things, Y-Säätiö was ranked first in the small and medium-sized category of the Oikotie Responsible Summer Job 2023 competition, which included 28 employers. The win was the third for the Foundation, which came second in 2022.

“The strengthening of our reputation and the trust and support of our stakeholders encourage us to continue our meaningful work in accordance with the goals we have set”, comments Minna Pääkkönen, Communications and Marketing Director of Y-Säätiö.

Y-Säätiö is Finland’s largest national non-profit landlord and homelessness specialist. Y-Säätiö promotes social justice by building and providing affordable rental housing. M2-Kodit is an ARA rental housing company owned by Y-Säätiö Group.