Y-Säätiö voted the most responsible summer workplace for the third time

  • 5.10.2023
  • News

Y-Säätiö has been ranked first in the small and medium-sized category of the Oikotie Responsible Summerjob 2023 competition, which included 28 employers. The win was the third for the Foundation – last year Y-Säätiö came second.

“We were delighted to receive the news that we had won the competition. The fact that we have come top several years in a row shows that sustainability is at the heart of Y-Säätiö’s operations, and our summer employees have noticed this,” said Anu Ellwood, HR Specialist at Y-Säätiö.

The Most Responsible Summer Workplace competition is based on the Summer Job Survey, in which summer workers rate their experiences. Y-Säätiö received the highest overall score in its category, with a sustainability index of 4.77 on a scale of 1 to 5. More than 13,000 young people took part in the survey. The results show that 89% of summer workers consider sustainability to be an important criterion for choosing a job.

Y-Säätiö performed particularly well in terms of candidate experience. The applicant experience was assessed on the informative nature of the summer job advertisement, the smoothness of the application process and communication during the recruitment process.

Elwood summarises the experience of a good applicant experience in three areas:

“The good experiences of the applicants will warm the hearts of those working in HR in particular. At Y-Säätiö, we invest in a rigorous recruitment process. Recruitment takes resources from both the employer and the jobseeker and a tight schedule is in everyone’s interest.

Each year, many summer interns are recruited from previous years. We are in touch about available positions well in advance – right at the beginning of the year in January. The work goes well when you know the tasks and the people you are working with. We also offer opportunities to change jobs. This gives students, for example, the chance to get to know the work in a variety of ways while they are still studying.

We also collect feedback and actively develop our activities on the basis of this feedback. Our own surveys have also given us excellent feedback on the smooth running of our recruitment process. Summer employees provide valuable and accurate feedback and make good comments.”

We will announce job opportunities and other open recruitments for the coming summers on Y-Säätiö’s website and our social media channels.

You can read more about Y-Säätiö’s sustainability on the Sustainability page of ysaatio.fi, where you can find, among other things, the Sustainability Report and the newly updated strategy.