Y-Säätiö has a new visual identity and website

  • 3.4.2023
  • News

The reforms will support the work of Y-Säätiö and aim at a stronger recognition of expertise and more effective communication. 

The new visual identity mirrors the Y-Säätiö’s core mission and operating model. Y-Säätiö is Finland’s fourth largest landlord and a pioneer in the fight against homelessness, promoting the well-being and sustainable lifestyle of its residents – so that everyone has a home. 

Y-Säätiö works according to the Housing First principle. Housing is a human right and the basis for a good life. Y-Säätiö rents affordable housing to those in need and works to end homelessness. In total, there are more than 18 500 homes in almost 60 localities. Apartments and homes are also the main building blocks of the Y-Foundation’s visual identity. The outline of the home frames our main messages and the imagery looks at life from the perspective of the tenant.

The brand is built through look, message and action. Now the visual identity of Y-Säätiö was renewed to contribute to the coherence and expertise of the Group. 

The renewal clarifies the structure of Y-Säätiö Group. M2-Kodit is a wholly owned company of Y-Säätiö, which manages more than 11 000 homes across Finland. The Y-Foundation’s image shares elements with M2-Kodit, but is stylistically distinct from M2-Kodit’s communication to home seekers and residents. 

Clear and accessible

As part of the visual identity, we also redesigned the ysaatio.fi website. The biggest change for many users is the migration of the Asuntoensin.fi website into the ysaatio.fi website. The work of the Asunto ensin Network developers and information and materials on homelessness and homelessness prevention can now be found in the Asunto ensin section of Y-Säätiö website.

 The website redesign has been a nearly six-month project, involving Y-Säätiö staff in various surveys and workshops. In the interface and visual design phase, prototypes were built for testing. The idea was to make the service as user-friendly as possible, which was ensured by user testing. 

 One of the big themes of the redesign was accessibility. The aim was to make the site accessible so that it would serve all users as well as possible. The final website meets Level AA accessibility.

The communication reforms will strengthen Y-Säätiö’s activities, but the values that guide our work will remain unchanged. We are courageous and trustworthy agents for decent housing. 

The branding and visual identity for the Y Säätiö was created by advertising agency Berry Creative and the website redesign was partnered by Redandblue. Communications and marketing for Y-Säätiö and M2-Kodit is handled by Y-Säätiö’s four-person communications unit.

For more information:

Minna Pääkkönen, Communications and Marketing Director, tel. +358 20 7020 300