Y-Säätiö and M2-Kodit offer homes for life’s situations

  • 1.12.2023
  • News

The first joint campaign between Säätiö and M2-Kodit will be launched in December. The campaign will highlight that everyone should have a place to call home. A home is a base where everyone can live a life of their own.

Y-Säätiö is a non-profit, politically neutral organisation dedicated to ending homelessness. M2-Kodit is a company wholly owned by Y-Säätiö, which manages more than 11 000 homes across Finland.

The fundamental mission of Y-Säätiö and M2-Kodit is to ensure that everyone has a home, and our joint strategy is to contribute to this mission. In this strategy period, we will do our part to build a just society that does not forget anyone.

The national campaign that will be visible from Christmas to January is built on our shared values and mission. Through this campaign, we want to communicate the importance of the work we do together and highlight the interconnection between Y-Säätiö and M2-Kodit as a national non-profit landlord.

As a responsible landlord, we promote the well-being of our residents and a sustainable lifestyle through all our actions:

We provide homes for life’s situations. We provide homes for people living in different types of housing. We don’t dictate what kind of life each person has to live. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has a safe home to support their life. A home that enables people to live well. A home is not a measure of success, nor a reward for making the right choices. A home is not a privilege, it is a human right.