Siltamäki housing unit to open in December

  • 28.11.2023
  • News

The new housing unit built and owned by Y-Säätiö in Siltamäki will house the Niemikoti’s Foundation’s substance-free housing unit.

The new house is a continuation of the City of Helsinki’s wish to have supported housing in the area. Since Sillanpirtti was built in 1970, the area has been home to subsidised housing.

However, the plans for the housing unit built and owned by Y-Säätiö (formerly Parkkila House) have changed from what was previously announced. Instead of a housing unit for people with substance abuse problems, the new building will house the Niemikoti’s Foundation’s substance-free housing unit.

The 31 new homes will be occupied by clients of the Niemikoti’s Foundation in December. The unit will have almost 24-hour on-call services and will be substance-free.

The Niemikoti’s Foundation’s work is based on a recovery orientation. Recovery orientation
the experience of well-being and hope, and finding acceptance and a place in society
is possible despite the limitations imposed by mental health problems.

The activities of the housing unit emphasise mutual respect, taking personal responsibility, finding meaning in life and overcoming stigma. Mutual respect, taking personal responsibility, finding a meaningful life and overcoming stigma.

“Through our activities, we want to create good relations with the neighbourhood and the communities in the area,” says Seppo Eronen, Executive Director of the Niemikotisäätiö.

Executive Director Eronen will invite the neighbourhood to visit the house early in the year and learn more about the Foundation’s mental health work, once the residents are able to move into their new homes and the house is up and running.

The new property is built to a high standard

“The new property has been designed with a particular focus on how it fits into the area. Compared to the previous house on the site, the new building will fit in nicely with its surroundings. The building materials of the two-storey building are a combination of light colours, Pekka Kampman, Y-Säätiö’s Construction Director, says.

The house was designed by Kirsti Sivén and Asko Takala Architects Ltd. The contractor is Rakennuspetäjä Oy.

All apartments in the house are studio apartments with a private kitchen and bathroom. Between the two wings of the building there is a covered, market-like common area, which can be adapted for various gatherings or public events. The space is used by the residents and the neighbourhood. “This is an important project for us, as there is a shortage of subsidised housing. We are pleased to have been involved in the realisation of the City of Helsinki’s wish for the area,” says Kampman.