New Alliance Aims to end Homelessness in the Nordics

  • 26.4.2023
  • News
  • FEANTSA, Juha Kahila, Nordic Homelessness Alliance

Nordic Homelessness Alliance brings together key actors in homelessness work from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. There has been international co-operation between the Nordic countries in various networks but there is a need and a demand for deepening partnership.  

Y-Säätiö’s Head of international affairs Juha Kahila sees a bright future for the alliance: 

“The spirit in the kick-off meeting was good and it was clear that we are on the same page. We all are working towards eradicating homelessness, and we have a lot to learn from each other.  

The similarities in the Nordic welfare societies makes it easier to implement the best practices. There are examples of this already and I expect to see this more often in the future.” 

The ultimate aim for the alliance is to eradicate homelessness in Nordic countries and create a globally leading model for ending homelessness. It is valuable to understand which parts of the homelessness work in the Nordic countries are dependent on the Nordic welfare model and which aspects are universal. In order achieve these goals, it is important to invest in development work, training, research, data collection and a deeper understanding of the differences between the countries. The network can also be used to lobby nationally, at EU level and internationally. 

Nordic Homelessness Alliance will have its next meeting during FEANTSA Forum 2023 at the beginning of June in Stockholm. Y-Säätiö is coordinating the alliance. For more more information or inquiries, please contact Juha Kahila of Y-Säätiö. 

Contact information:
Juha Kahila