Y-Säätiö Explores How Housing First Has Been Adapted in the EU

  • 2.6.2023
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Y-Säätiö is a partner in the Adapting Housing First project, which aims to develop homelessness work based on the Housing First model. The project is exploring how the Housing First model can be implemented and adapted in different countries. Adapting Housing First also aims to share best practices and train professionals working on Housing First.

The Housing First model has its roots in the US. It has been adopted in several European countries, but the starting points for Housing First vary widely from one country to another. In Finland, the mainstreaming of the Housing First model has been facilitated by the availability of suitable housing, a large affordable housing stock, universal social security and health care, and cross-party political will. 

There has been no previous research on the adaptation of the Housing First approach in different countries. However, there is a strong demand for research in this area. In the Lisbon Declaration, the EU countries set themselves the target of ending homelessness by 2030. To achieve this goal, more knowledge is needed on how to work effectively on homelessness in different societies and on best practices for adapting the Housing First model.

Sharing Lessons Learned

In addition to research, the project will invest in training and sharing best practices for those working with homelessness. In addition to online training, the project will organise a 3-day seminar in Ireland where experts, service providers and clients will learn more about adapting the Housing First model through training and workshops.

Participating organisations will also visit each other to learn about local homelessness work and Housing First practices. Project partners from Ireland, Germany and Spain visited Y-Säätiö in early May to learn about the work we do in Finland.

Adapting Housing First project is co-ordinated by Sophia, a Dublin based housing association that provides housing with support across Ireland.  

“It was an honour for Sophia to visit and see first hand the work of the Y Foundation. Our key “take away“ from the study visit is that there has been a unique approach to Housing First that has been highly successful in Finland and this gives encouragement that the lessons and practices in Finland could be transferred to Ireland and elsewhere in the Europe”

Tony O’Riordan, the CEO of  Sophia.

The results of the research on the adaptation of the Housing First model will be published at an event for the EU Parliament in Brussels in 2025. A launch event will be held in Brussels, where the project will also publish training guidelines for those working on Housing First and policy recommendations for European decision-makers.

The Adapting Housing First project is funded by Erasmus+. Y-Säätiö is responsible for the research work on the project. In addition to Y-Säätiö , Sophia from Ireland, Housing First Berlin from Germany and Arrels from Spain are involved in the project.

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