The Y-Foundation Group develops properties in growth centres

The Y-Foundation Group develops properties in growth centres

We develop affordable rental apartments and homes for special groups. The energy consumption associated with property development and maintenance is an important guiding principle in our planning and design activities.

The geographical focus of the Foundation’s new property development operations is on cities where there is demand for affordable rental apartments. These include the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Tampere commuter area in particular. Our construction projects in other growth centres are in locations with good transport connections and services.

New M2-Kodit apartments are being build in many cities. This site is in Tuusula, downtown Hyrylä. 

Hundreds of homes under construction

In 2020, we developed two new properties comprised of 139 apartments in total. At the same time, we started 10 new construction projects consisting of 790 apartments. The volume of our new construction starting in 2021 will likely exceed 500 apartments.

We intend to build or acquire 5,500 new apartments by 2030. This target will be achieved by new construction and the acquisition of existing apartments.

In the development of new residential properties, the Y Foundation Group’s objective is to develop eco-friendly construction processes and use renewable energy. For example, the new solid wood apartment building completed in Jyväskylä in summer 2020 became the first Y-Foundation Group property to have a system for capturing heat from wastewater.

All of the new properties developed by M2-Kodit, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Y-Foundation, are ARA properties, which means they are built with state subsidies and have regulated rents. The selection of tenants is based on needs assessment. Apartments are rented to those with the most urgent need.

Our current construction projects are in the Helsinki Metropolitan area in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. We do development also in Tuusula, Nokia, Pirkkala, Jyväskylä.

Our current development projects include The Biodiversity Building in Helsinki and ITIS SITI development project in Itäkeskus, Helsinki.

Y-Fondation is part of the consortium developing the ITIS SITI project.


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