Our strategy from 2020 to 2030

Our strategy from 2020 to 2030

Our basic mission is to ensure that everyone in Finland has a home. Our strategy respects this mission. In this strategy period, we will contribute to the creation of a fair society where no-one is left behind.

Our strategy is connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which guide the world’s development efforts until 2030. This is why the strategy period is exceptionally long. Through the UN SDGs, our objectives are part of a greater whole.

Our day-to-day actions underscore our role as a leader in the eradication of homelessness. We develop anti-homelessness efforts together with our partners in Finland and internationally.

Everything we do is geared towards promoting the well-being of our tenants and sustainable lifestyles.

Three spearhead objectives

During this strategy period, we will focus particularly on three spearhead objectives.

  • Our objective is the economic and social well-being of our tenants.
  • We also aim for a fair transition towards carbon neutral living.
  • We work to eradicate homelessness in Finland and reduce it internationally.

The success of these objectives will be ensured by our highly competent and motivated employees, solid financing base and effective digital tools.

The Y-Foundation’s employees are highly committed to the organisation’s values. They also played a strong role in putting together this strategy.

Y-Foundation’s Strategy from 2020 to 2030 (pdf)


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