The Board of Trustees is responsible for the foundation’s governance and for organising the activities of the foundation. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the foundation’s accounting and asset management.

The Board

City of Helsinki, Director of Administration, Social and Health Care Services Tiina Mäki

City of Espoo, Director of Family and Social Services Mari Ahlström

City of Turku, TVT Asunnot Oy, CEO Teppo Forss

The Finnish Construction Trade Union, Chair Matti Harjuniemi, Chair

The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, CEO Aleksi Randell

Finnish Red Cross, Head of Health and Care Unit Maria Viljanen, Vice Chair

MIELI Mental Health Finland, Director of Administration Tapio Tähtinen

The board has been appointed in April 2020 for a two-year period.

Management Group

CEO Juha Kaakinen

CFO Kari Komu

Communications and Marketing Director Laura Penttilä

Corporate Counsel Timo Mutalahti

Development Director Sari Timonen

Director of Apartment Rental Services Eeva Tammisalo

Director of Construction Pekka Kampman

Director of Real Estate Management Juha Niskanen


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