Where to apply for housing?

Where to apply for housing?

There is a big shortage of rental apartments, especially in large growth centres. The demand for apartments is greater than our supply, which is why your own initiative is important when looking for a home.

Where to begin your search

  • Cities and municipalities offer rental housing. The tenants are selected based on their need, wealth and income. You can find more information by visiting the website of the city or municipality in question.
  • Many banks, insurance companies and various foundations own apartments, which they rent out.
  • You may find real estate agencies that advertise on company websites and in newspapers. When using an agency, remember to ask them about any possible fees they might charge for their services.

Websites and notice boards

  • You can find advertisements for rental apartments on various websites, in newspapers and even on notice boards. Websites like Oikotie and Vuokraovi compile all of the available rental properties regardless of who owns them.
  • You may also submit an ‘apartment wanted’ ad to a newspaper or an appropriate online forum. When signing a lease, remember to make sure that the other person or party has the right to rent out the apartment.

Specific target groups

  • Some forms of housing are meant for specific target groups. Students can apply for rental housing through their local foundation for student housing.
  • Targeted housing is also available for elderly people, disabled people, people recovering from mental health issues or substance abuse as well as other specific groups. Please contact your local social services for more information.

If you are under the threat of becoming homeless, contact the social services in your own city or municipality as soon as possible. They can help you learn more about help and arrangements for acute homelessness situations in your area.

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