Home for All handbook

Home for All handbook

What is the concept behind the Finnish Y-Foundation? Home for All handbook tells it! Download the handbook for free.

Finland is the only country in the EU where homelessness has been decreasing. This small Nordic country is hailed as a model for homelessness work and Finnish expertise is in high demand.  One of the factors behind Finland’s success is the Y-Foundation, who rents apartments to those who have experienced homelessness and people with low income. The Foundation’s human yet effective operating model on homelessness is internationally unique. 

Home for all – How the Y-Foundation provides homes to those in need presents keys to success in the Foundation’s homelessness work. It also offers a sneak peek into the daily lives of people living in the Foundation’s rental apartments.  This handbook is the Y-Foundation’s way of reaching out to everyone who is fighting against homelessness.

Its purpose is to spread the good practices and most important lessons learned from homelessness work and instil the hope that there is a light at the end of the seemingly pitch-black tunnel.

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Download the book for free (PDF)

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