One of the fundamental principles of the foundation is to promote the social and economic well-being of the tenants and reduce homelessness. One of the functions supporting this principle is tenant counselling.

We find supporting the tenants in conflicts with neighbours, economic counselling and guidance in other day-to-day challenges, to be important. During the year under review, we expanded the tenant counselling to cover the tenants of M2-Kodit and Y-Kodit homes throughout the country.

The tenant counselling pilot project launched in 2016 at first only operated in the biggest M2-Kodit locations.

STEA partly funds the acquisition of Y-Kodit homes for special groups and the housing counselling provided to their tenants. Together with our partners, we offered 650 people belonging to this target group a home.

We also deepened and developed our preventive approach and networking with partners regarding housing for special groups during the year.

Homelessness is increasing among youths aged under 25

The figures of ARA’s annual homelessness survey indicate that homelessness is increasing among youths aged under 25, while homelessness is on the decline in other groups. One in five youths suffering from homelessness is long-term homeless.

“The figures indicate that the situation of youths is alarming. Their housing should be supported by all necessary means so that they can live independently. Affordable rental housing and support for housing, such as tenant counselling, play a key role in this,” says Y-Foundation group’s CEO Juha Kaakinen.

Last year, Y-Foundation’s housing counsellors gave guidance to approximately 230 tenants of M2-Kodit homes, which are state-subsidised rental apartments owned by Y-Foundation. One in four of those who received counselling were youths aged 18–29.

“Last year, Y-Foundation’s housing counselling managed to prevent the possible eviction of 25 youths,” Juha Kaakinen says. At the same time, the lessor saved an average of EUR 15,000 of expenses that would have been resulted from collecting rent debts and enforcing the evictions.