We maintain our properties through systematic renovations.

The average age of the properties owned by the Foundation group is 28.17 years. The properties are included in the Foundation’s maintenance programme.

In addition, the Foundation has the Koti kuntoon renovation programme in which all the apartments in a property are renovated in the middle of the renovation period (approximately 50 years).

The Koti kuntoon programme includes renewing the surfaces, fixtures, equipment and accessories of the apartments. With the programme, we aim to meet our customers’ expectations of the quality level and reduce the high costs of apartment renovations carried out one by one.

In 2017, renovations pursuant to the Koti kuntoon renovation programme were made in six properties.

Vantaa, Saagatie 5, kitchen before the Koti kuntoon renovation.

Vantaa, Saagatie 5, kitchen after the Koti kuntoon renovation.