At Y-Foundation Group, we believe it is important to know our properties and tenants.

During the period under review, we increased the share of in-house property management in 10 cities and municipalities and more than 20 properties in accordance with our action plan. At the end of the year, we were purchasing property management services only in Rovaniemi, Salo and Turku. The buildings in Rovaniemi will also be transferred to in-house property management services on 1 May 2018.

We adopted a new “janitor model” in property maintenance in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In it, a team of 22 people was designated for Y-Foundation Group’s properties, solely responsible for the property maintenance and cleaning of M2-Kodit properties.

Teams comprised of youths mowed lawns in the Helsinki metropolitan area

During the summer season in 2017, we employed 23 youths in gardening in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The youths were responsible for almost 90 properties, taking care of lawn mowing in their own three-member teams.

The pilot project was a successful one, and the experiment was expanded also into other gardening work for the 2018 summer season. Read more about our employment activities in 2017.

During the year under review, we also reviewed the safety of the properties. We began revising the rescue plans and markings of the properties towards the end of 2017. In future, all rescue plans will be maintained in the service.