All the real estate companies of the Group are included in Suomen Talokeskus Oy’s energy consumption monitoring service.

We joined the Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS) for the periods 2017–2025.

In accordance with the plan, we are committed to energy efficiency measures whose calculated savings will amount to 4 per cent of the energy consumption at the time of joining by 2020 and 7.5 per cent by 2025. We annually report on the energy efficiency measures.

Y-Foundation Group joins the Ekokompassi system

We joined the Ekokompassi environmental system that makes the management of environmental aspects easier. We selected the pilot properties and first-phase focal areas during the year.

Ten properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Y-Foundation’s Helsinki offices were the first sites to be included in the Ekokompassi pilot project. We chose reducing the amount of waste and energy-savings in terms of heat, electricity and water consumption as the focal areas for the first phase. In addition, we aim to make environmentally favourable choices in our procurement.

In 2017, we launched energy-related pilot projects with Leanheat and Ouman, among others, at some twenty different M2-Kodit properties. The projects aim to save energy and be environmentally-friendlier, without compromising living conditions, with smart heating control.

Also, we have taken other smaller energy-saving measures in individual properties with the following partners: Fourdeg, Softatalo Aida, Fidelix and HK-Säätö.