We provide affordable rental housing and reduce homelessness.

The Y-Foundation group is the fourth-largest provider of rental housing in Finland. We are a non-profit, politically non-affiliated company.

In its strategy extending to 2020, the Board of the Foundation has decided the basic tasks are reducing homelessness, increasing the number of reasonably-priced rental apartments and improving the economic and social well-being of the Foundation’s tenants.

In addition, the tasks include influencing decision-makers to implement the required social development and providing solutions and information in matters relating to construction, housing and well-being.

The Foundation and its subsidiaries make up the Y-Foundation group, the biggest unit of which is Kiinteistö Oy M2-Kodit, a company engaged in leasing operations. Service operations concerning properties are organised into the Y-Säätiön palvelut limited liability company.

In 2017, the number of our employees continued to increase.

Also during the past year, our work attracted international interest. We produced a handbook in English to help everyone engaged in work with homelessness and those interested in the theme.

Y-Foundation closely takes part in social discussion on questions relating to affordable housing and homelessness.