The purpose of our Uuras employment activities is to provide employment to our tenants and increase their employment opportunities.

By the end of 2017, Uuras activities had provided more than 70 people with work or jobs, 60 of whom are Y-Foundation Group’s own tenants.

In 2017, the focus of Uuras activities was on adjusting the pilot projects started the previous year, learning from them and launching new experiments.

A cleaning work pilot project was underway during the year. A mobile team of six cleaners and a cleaning instructor also took part in moving-out cleanings, for example. The work also included cleaning offices. During the year, the team also included students, summer interns and pupils in job familiarisation.

The mobile team experiment of the cleaning work pilot project which lasted for a year will not be continued in 2018, but its office maintenance activities were merged into other office support services.

Lawn care provided tenants with work

A pilot project in which the Uuras team took care of lawns at our sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area was launched in the Spring. All gardening was also carried out in-house in Vantaa. Lawn care provided 23 summer jobs at 15 properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The summer jobs were mostly given to Y-Foundation Group’s young tenants aged 16–19. In addition to the project manager, the gardening pilot employed a total of four seasonal employees. The pilot project will be expanded to cover all M2 properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area in 2018.

A renovation group was launched as the result of the work janitor pilot project. Under the leadership of the work janitor activity started in 2016, it carried out diverse renovations and repair tasks within the Group.

The idea of the renovation group is to actively search for work tasks which are reasonable to perform in-house to ensure the quality and timeliness of the work. In addition to the project manager, the group had a total of four employees. The renovation group launched as the result of the work janitor pilot will continue in 2018. At the same time, the work janitor project will focus on developing the labour bank and neighbourly help.

During 2017, the production of firewood packages, or Uuras logs, was tested as a work activity at the Väinölä housing service unit. Test sales took place at the Eläintarhan Neste service station in Helsinki and at a limited area in Viherlaakso, Espoo.