Y-Foundation is closely involved in Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government’s AUNE action programme to prevent homelessness. The programme is implemented jointly by the state, cities, NGOs and other service providers.

AUNE, or Action Plan for Preventing Homelessness 2016–2019, is a continuation of the PAAVO 1 and 2 programmes. The cooperation within the AUNE programme is developed in the Verkostokehittäjät project coordinated by us and funded by STEA.

During the past year, the Networking for Development Project focused, among other things, on preparing recommendations pursuant to the Housing First principle. Assessment tools were also developed. Joint development of the content of housing social work continued nationwide and regionally. Joint development took place in the form of organising training, pilot work and other events in several organisations.

More than 550 people took part in the 16 events organised in cooperation with partners.

The STEA-supported Toimekas project (2017–2019) was launched. The project is a joint project involving several organisations and coordinated by Y-Foundation. Its aim is to develop meaningful activities for day-to-day life and provide a functional entity of systematic social rehabilitation in housing services for the homeless.

Sailing trips and Oman muotoinen koti supported youths

Young tenants of Y-Foundation and M2-Kodit took part in the Tall Ship Race on two sailing trips.

The first sailing trip was from Halmstad in Sweden to Kotka on 30 June–15 July, the second from Kotka to Turku on 15–22 July. The aim of the sailing trips was to provide the youths with resources for the future. Sailing trips will also continue in summer 2018.

The A Home That Fits pilot project was underway in Kannelmäki, Helsinki during 2017. In the pilot, young tenants of M2-Kodit aged 18–25 helped local residents in various tasks on a part-time basis and received a little income from it. The experiment launched in 2016 ended at the end of the year.

The intermediary lease pilot project ended in Espoo. The experiment will continue in Tampere during 2018.

In the intermediary lease model, Y-Foundation rents apartments from a private lessor, and the city is responsible for selecting the tenants. The typical economic risks to the lessor in leasing are eliminated in the intermediary lease model, as they are transferred to Y-Foundation.