We manage and coordinate the Housing First Europe Hub in cooperation with FEANTSA. The Housing First Europe Hub was established in 2016.

The operations of the Housing First Europe Hub grew in 2017. Almost 20 organisations from more than ten countries have now committed as members of the Hub. The members include NGOs, national networks, ministries and state agencies as well as one city, Lyon.

The Hub employs two programme coordinators, Y-Foundation’s Taina Hytönen in Helsinki and FEANTSA’s Samara Jones in Brussels. In addition, Y-Foundation’s researcher Saija Turunen extensively took part in the Hub’s activities in 2017.

The themes of the Hub’s operations have included services for youths, city-specific work, instructor training, research and planning of university-level teaching.

Y-Foundation and the Housing First Europe Hub considerably supported by research of the Crisis organisation in Liverpool. Tools are being prepared based on its results for disseminating and implementing the Housing First principle in Europe.

During the year, the network convened in Helsinki, organised instructor training in Milan, was present at the FEANTSA conference in Gdansk and took part in the Social Housing festival in Amsterdam.

In addition, Housing First Europe Hub’s website was opened.