Continuous development is vital to our operations. Projects relating to affordable housing and the reduction of homelessness are at the core of our extensive development activities. Work is carried out both in Finland and internationally.

We are closely engaged in the nationwide AUNE programme aiming to prevent long-term homelessness. The work continued in several projects during 2017.

Our Uuras employment operations were also developed further based on the pilot projects in 2017. Our Uuras work activities employed more than 70 people, most of whom were our tenants. The Uuras work activities included producing firewood packages, among other things.

International development and peer work continued within the Housing First Europe Hub we coordinate.

Before the municipal elections, the candidates’ views on affordable housing were surveyed. During the autumn, the National Land Survey of Finland researched the development of plot and apartment prices. We commissioned the survey together with the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and the Finnish Construction Trade Union.

Also, two researchers, Maria Ohisalo and Saija Turunen, were hired by Y-Foundation to develop the Foundation’s in-house research activities.